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Zilojo Work - Stanbic Bank - Social media

Stanbic Bank

Social media

Zilojo Work - Mastercard Foundation - Website Development

Mastercard Foundation

Website Development

Zilojo Work - TradeMark East Africa - Microsite Development

TradeMark East Africa

Microsite Development

Zilojo Work - Tusker.beer - Website Development


Website Development

Zilojo Work - Tusker Cider - Social media Launch

Tusker Cider

Social media Launch

Featured Work

Some of the greatness from the Zilojo crypt...

Zilojo Work - ‚ÄčTradeMark East Africa

‚ÄčTradeMark East Africa


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Zilojo Work - Fund for Rural Prosperity (FRP)

Fund for Rural Prosperity (FRP)


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Zilojo Work - Stanbic Bank

Stanbic Bank


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Who We Are

Zilojo is a full-service digital marketing agency that builds brands and creates great consumer experiences.

Zilojo - About Us

About Us

What do you get when you put a bunch of eccentric creatives together with only the strongest black coffee and a laptop in hand? Click below and find out more about the remarkable Zilojo team! 

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We know many claim to be experts but we let our work and expertise in creative, strategy, digital technology, user-experience and new media marketing speak for itself Care to try us out?

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Some Of Our Clients

Both past and present. Wouldn't your logo look great here?

Zilojo Client - Mydawa
Zilojo Client - Co-operative Bank
Zilojo Client - FRP
Zilojo Client - Stanbic Bank
Zilojo Client - Artisan Fashion
Zilojo Client - Pernod Ricard
Zilojo Client - Chloride Exide
Zilojo Client - ASEA
Zilojo Client - Uganda Breweries Limited
Zilojo Client - Associates Research Trust
Zilojo Client - Rockefeller Foundation
Zilojo Client - KPMG
Zilojo Client - Subway
Zilojo Client - Ramtons
Zilojo Client - EABL
Zilojo Client - Lachlan
Zilojo Client - Sidian Bank
Zilojo Client - TMEA
Zilojo Client - Auto Express