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Making a Mark in 2020

By: Yvonne Wanyoike

2020 is already shaping up to be a great year for design and marketing. Some online trends have made a smooth transition from 2019, while others are trends from decades ago that have been revamped and reimagined to appeal better to online audiences. Check out these trends that are sure to have a strong presence this year:

Design and Photography

The look of the 70s seems to be making a comeback, with designs such as floral patterns colored in soft pastels conveying feelings of warmth and cheerfulness. This style of design is already proving to be well-received on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Rounded curvy fonts, also reminiscent of the 70s can be great to add a touch of familiarity to visual copy. 

Another interesting emerging type craft is the bold ‘anti-design’ style that was prevalent in the 1950s that aimed for simplistic, in your face communication. This style is great to put a message front and center quickly, which plays rather well in the ever-evolving world of social media, where audiences usually only glance at images as they scroll.

In terms of photography, portrait settings achieve a similar effect, bringing the subject of an image into focus so that even the most casual gander at a visual is sufficient to convey the advertising message. It’s also a great aesthetic for personal account as it makes a gallery look professionally curated. 

The use of drones has proven particularly popular in 2019, with the trend seeing no sign of slowing down in 2020. The main appeal to using drone for photography is the ability to capture previously unattainable ‘eagle-eye’ shots at a reasonable financially cost.

In a socio-politically ‘woke’ society, it is important for brands to weigh in on pressing topics. While this can be like navigating turbulent waters sometimes, using visuals that appear organic can soften the message and make them more palatable to audiences.

Animation and Video

Video design trends are following the ‘soft’ approach that photography is riding on, with fluid animations and gradients eliciting a positive response from online audiences. Adding bold, striking colours make overall visuals attractive, an essential for making advertisements hit home.

The use of stock content is seeing a decline in interest – people want to see ‘realness’ in the media they consume.  Stock photos and video are too rigid for platforms that favour organic visuals and want to see bold colors in an “un-choreographed” setting.

Similar to photography, a portrait or vertical video format continues to prosper this year. This can be attributed to the fact that audiences usually view content on smartphones, so formatting video in this way is convenient.

With regard to audio and music trends, a number of trends continue to dominate content. These include Sporty and Travel Capture that emote excitement and happiness. Acoustic sounds are becoming more and more popular, with corporations including it to humanize their content.

However, dramatic ‘tech’ sounds are showing no signs of fading into oblivion because they strike the sweet spot of giving corporate content a high energy feel.




Website and Coding Trend

Experts predict that animation will become a powerhouse in web trends due to their unmatched ability to draw the eye and convey messaging in an exciting way. Images are becoming bigger and bigger in web design, which is a particularly attractive compliment to bold, colourful wording.

Breaking away from the standards of yesteryear, websites and online platforms are aiming to stand out by breaking the rules of web design by opting for asymmetrical layouts that are optic treats.

This coupled with the use of varying fonts add a human touch to colouring, means that brands and individuals alike are no longer looking to colour inside the lines anymore.


What does all this mean for marketing?

Trends are important to help advertisements stand out in a pool of similar account.  Incorporating revived retro styles and bold colouring in visuals can be the difference between online audiences finding welcomed familiarity to your accounts and being ignored altogether.

So whether you are looking to give your business platforms an aesthetic facelift or reimagine your private social media, these trends will make you not only stand out, but also give your content relevance to your chosen audience.

Source: Envato