Media 11/06/2020 09:55:36

Journey Through the Best Influencer Marketing Campaign

By: Maryanne Nduku Montet


Guinness Smooth, a smooth and refreshing Stout from the house of Guinness was introduced to the Kenyan market in October 2019. The new expression of Guinness was specially designed by the master brewers for those casual social moments when consumers want to make a distinctive yet inclusive choice. Guinness Smooth is targeted to the younger consumer, legal purchasing age 18+. It offers a more flavorful drinking experience for the younger consumer.

Our campaign objective was to deliver an impactful, out of the box digital launch incorporating exciting influencer engagement with the aim of creating remarkable, unforgettable content in order to drive awareness of the new stout, recruit and engage fans within our target audience group across the country. 


Guinness Smooth is a beer targeted to the younger consumer, we therefore researched and profiled our millennial consumer, understood their areas of interest and the best way to get their attention through our content TOV and look and feel.

Based on our audience profiling we identified 25 of the best young and vibrant micro and macro influencers in Kenya to work with for this campaign. Our selection criteria were based on engagement rates, authenticity and fun personalities that would resonate with our audience. They had influence on all major social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We had several interactive briefing sessions with the influencers to ensure they understood the objectives of the campaign and the intended outcome of the campaign.

We then begun to create the buzz and hype early on, 10 days to the launch with exciting teasers and pre-launch communication on our brand pages and on influencer platforms. This delivered on driving FOMO, awareness, curiosity and conversations online, excitement, and footfall to the event.  

The Guinness Smooth launch which will go down in history as one of the best launch parties of 2019, took place on 25th and 26th October 2019 at Simba Union Club Kisumu.

From Nairobi, our influencers were flown to Kisumu in a chartered jet which was fully branded in the spectacular Guinness Smooth colors. It was a sight to behold at Jomo Kenyatta International airport all the way to Kisumu international airport.

We worked with a professional content-capture crew and our influencers who documented the entire experience from the minute they got to the airport on their social media platforms, the enjoyment on the plane with the silent disco, the sampling on the plane, touch down to Kisumu, their entry into the venue, the entertainment at the launch party and their stay at the exclusive Grand Royal Swiss hotel.

Overall, the campaign achieved all the set-out objectives and KPIs, we were trending organically for the 2 days of the launch, achieved organic reach in the 2 days through the influencers of 750,000+ and organic impressions, 1.2M+.