Media 03/13/2019 17:18:37

(FYI) Free your Info

By: Alvin Mwangi

This is an article about writing. Freely.

Can I let you in on a secret before we begin? Well, here it goes…

Writing is cool. It’s so cool, I have brain freeze.

No really! I’m actually stuck…twitching… ticking… tick! Tick! Tick! Or is that my China-made, ticking time watch?

Okay! Scratch that!

...writing is actually being tied up and pushed down a hill to roll over. Yes. I said it.

And that's not the best part.

On each of your skin pores are acupuncture needles, launching deeper with every angle you lie on.

Now picture a limitless trail down a mountain. And it’s not all smooth sailing as you plunge down.

That's the writing process. A bit bleak, ain’t it?

No worries. This is purely based on an opinion and you know what they say about opinions.

The truth is never sugar coated. An undeniable truth will get to you. But who am I to judge? I wrote this while going through the same trek. So maybe it’s just plain, old sullenness. I. Am. Writing. This. To. Save. A Life. S.O.S. Bleep! Bleep!

But really…

Writing for a large audience should count for something. The writer should be able to write whenever a suitable comfort finds them (at the end, you’ll see why this statement is important). As of the moment, comfort is but a mirage in my exhausted brain.

I struggle to find the inspiration to write on anything. Especially in today’s world where tech rules pretty much everything. This sounds more of a myth to me; in a world where one needs facts the most.

Control your thoughts, they said.

'Control' is the fuel in copy writing. The irony is that a controlled environment is what this kind of writing thrives on. This does not mean you should think in a specific manner. The role of control here is to keep your thoughts seamlessly aligned with your target (describing writing, again).

Okay. You have the idea in mind. The placement of each aspect of the idea should follow. Although, let’s be practical. Where do the forms that define the brand come from? Who creates them and why?

I want my brand to sound like nothing you’ve heard before… so does every other coca, cola and soda out there. Standing out in a not so obscure generation is a thing. It’s trending now. Because boredom creeps up as fast as the next iPhone release date.

The starting of any article, book, brief, has always been an issue as far as writing goes. Anyone can finish what they start off. Takes a natural zeal to start from anywhere. Takes obsession to proceed with no guidance when writing or creating. Consistently.

How odd is it that one’s ideas can deviate so far from their initial point and still proceed with the thought process? That’s the creation process summed up.

Let me take you back to when I mentioned how tough it is to stay inspired in this generation. Too much is going on. It’s difficult not to notice. Dare I say it again…boooredom is like the flu: always catches you when you least need it.

I expected the newness of most routines, would spark an essence of inspiration by now. You know, like a new way of saying ‘Allu’…(that’s Akkadian for ‘Hi’…yeah, Google’s the homie).

But zilch has come so far. (Google cannot walk people)

Nothing worth jotting down has emerged from its dark crannies to shake up the creativity out of me… or has it?

Nothing worth a "The Universe's #1 Best Seller" tag at least.

I should be an 'Agency Writer's #1 Best Seller' (pun unintended) though…I mean look at this A-material essay on… uh…?

This is only written because a writer will have to hang himself before he lets a blank page go unmarked (see what I did there). We cannot say that about the reader. The writer hopes that the reader's face turns priceless as how writers mean their words to appear. That, plus perfect timing.

That's the job.

Yours is to flow.

So, as you read the next article that has a persona's touch, free your mind and everything else will follow.